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Will Wall Street Decide Clinton’s Running Mate?


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When major Wall Street traders want to scare their kids before sleep, they tell them stories about Elizabeth Warren, a Senator from Massachusetts and one of the most outspoken opponents of a market being left unchecked and self-regulated.

In the words of people who have supported Bernie Sanders for the better part of the primaries, Sen. Warren has been a much-needed voice for regulation of the Wall Street and all the sneaky backdoor deals that almost bring the country to its knees every 80 years without anyone seeing a problem with it.

It goes without saying that Wall Street donors to the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton in particular do not wish to see Warren as Clinton’s running mate, but the people from Politico really sort of spelled the whole thing out for us!

They talked to a number of Democratic Party donors who all shared their views on Elizabeth Warren’s unsuitability in the eyes of the Wall Street people and their views on her as a potential running mate in general.

One of the donors said, and we quote:

“If Clinton picked Warren, her whole base on Wall Street would leave her. They would literally just say, ‘We have no qualms with you moving left, we understand all the things you’ve had to do because of Bernie Sanders, but if you are going there with Warren, we just can’t trust you, you’ve killed it.”

This comment, besides being absolutely terrifying and confirming everything Bernie has been saying during the primary process, is also a great insight into why Sen. Warren is among the strongest candidates to become Clinton’s running mate, that reason being the strong connection Sanders’ voters feel with her.

In the eyes of Bernie supporters, Warren would be pretty much the same as if Clinton went with Bernie himself. For decades, Warren has been saying what Bernie brought to the public’s eye these last few months – Wall Street is corrupt, Wall Street has far too much pull and Wall Street needs to change.

Naming Warren as the running mate would immediately bring all the Sanders’ supporters on board.

The thing is, and this is also mentioned in the Politico article, that the vast majority of Sanders’ supporters will vote for Clinton regardless. Everyone understands the dangers of  Donald Trump in the White House and no sane Democrat will allow for this to happen.

In the article, it is also mentioned that Warren would be a great running mate because she knows how to stick it to Trump and because he seems to be strangely annoyed by the stuff she says and does, something he often manages to hide.

Once again, we believe this is not the smartest move. Clinton does not need an enforcer in her corner. The political stage has changed. Punches get thrown from all over the place. Especially at someone like Trump who simply asks for it.

We do not think Elizabeth Warren will become Clinton’s running mate and we can only hope it will not be because Wall Street blackmailed Clinton into choosing someone else. It would be a particularly ironic turn of events where a person is prevented from getting a position for the exact reason he or she should be getting it.

A long while ago, we wrote about Clinton’s potential running mates and we actually did not include Sen. Warren on our list. The main reason we decided against including her on our list was her outspokenness and our doubts that she would be able to cope with the fact that she would be #2. Now that we know about the major donors not wanting her on the ticket, we’re even more sure of our decision.

We did include Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine on our list, however, a potential running mate mentioned in the Politico article and someone who looks more and more like the most suitable vice presidential candidate to complete the Clinton ticket.

Kaine would bring Clinton the swing state of Virginia, a ton of political experience (not that she doesn’t have enough) and an agreeable nature that makes him at ease both with the rich donors and the regular folk.

The important thing is that Wall Street is not the decision-maker.

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