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Why Trump’s Victory Is Good For The Democratic Party


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We have covered a number of primaries this Primary Season and we have seen some very strange things happen. Yesterday, Indiana voted and Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won their respective primaries. You might say that this was nothing strange and that these two candidates already won quite a few primaries each.

However, yesterday’s primary was far more complicated and momentous than it looks at face value.

The complicated part pertains more directly to the Democratic Party nomination race. Namely, while Bernie Sanders won the majority of votes (52.7 percent to be precise), this was actually Hillary Clinton’s victory. The reason for this is purely mathematical.

While Sanders’ win was definitely unexpected as he was trailing in the polls by around 10 points, his victory was simply not dramatic enough to have a major effect on the overall race. Namely, his 52.7 percent of votes won him 43 delegates, only 6 more than Clinton won with her 47.3 percent of the votes. It is a victory, but a pyrrhic one.

At this rate, Sanders will simply not be able to catch up with Hillary. More precisely, he now needs to win more than 65 percent of all delegates that are left and this is, for the lack of a better word, impossible.

So there you have it – Bernie won, but not really.

We wrote about the possibility that Bernie’s campaign is coming to an end and the Indiana Primary only reinforced our belief. It is sad but true.

Believe it or not, it was Tuesday’s Republican Primary that will actually have more dramatic effects on the Democratic Party when we look at the Big Picture.

The reason for this is another resounding victory for Donald Trump which caused Ted Cruz to suspend his campaign and effectively make Trump thepresumptive GOP nominee. In essence, this means Trump is their nominee, only not yet officially.

Cruz’s speech was an expected combination of pathos, optimism, Judeo-Christian zeal and everything else that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from the Texas Senator.

He also elbowed his wife. Literally elbowed her in the face.

Earlier today, John Kasich also dropped out of the race, finally putting an end to his mind-boggling persistence that probably contributed to Trump winning the GOP nomination.

In short, Donald Trump is going to be the Republican Party nominee in November’s presidential elections.

This is a good thing for the Democratic Party.

We are risking sounding defeatist, implying that another GOP nominee might actually win the general election, but now that Trump is definitely the Republican nominee, we got the November election in the bag.

It does not even matter whether it is Clinton or Sanders who runs against Trump.

Sure, there are people who are saying that Trump has a chance and that there are enough people in this country who do not mind his sexist, racist, fascist and xenophobic (we probably missed a few attributes) views but this is simply not true.

For one, there are plenty of people within his own party who are definitely not going to vote for him. And some of these people are quite important Republican figures, such as John McCain’s top aide for years Mark Salter or Ben Howe, the editor of RedState (one of the leading republican online communities/blogs), who tweeted the following:

There’s also Philip Klein, the managing editor of the Washington Examiner, a powerful conservative newspaper officially de-registered from the Republican Party. Republicans are burning their membership cards.

And these are just the Republicans. People whose votes Trump should be able to count on. Do not even get us started on the undecided voters who will definitely not side with a ridiculous figure like that. He is a silly man who would have been laughed out of the primaries any other year, even by the Republicans.

Their party is in shambles and Trump’s victory is the perfect indicator.

The polls (http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/2016-general-election-trump-vs-clinton?via=pollster&related=huffpostpol,pollsterpolls) are also going our direction, showing that Clinton would beat Trump pretty much in every single scenario.

In the end, it seems it will not matter who wins the Democratic nomination. Republican voters pretty much won the 2016 presidential elections for us.


P.S. We would have still loved it if it were Bernie. But, hey.


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