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Why The Republican National Convention Scared The Bejesus Out Of Us


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The entire point of all the pure madness in Cleveland last week was to scare perfectly well-off American citizens into believing their homes, their jobs, their livelihoods, and their very lives were in danger.

Pretty much everyone sane who wrote anything about the Republican National Convention agreed that it used the oldest and the most effective of political tools – fearmongering.

For example, this happened. This caption was actually used.

And it is just a single example. It is probably the lamest and the most inane, but it is just one of the many. Of the too many.

When you think about it, it is the perfect strategy a political party whose nominees lost in the last two elections should employ. In other words, if you do not care whether any of your statements is true, whether it sounds unpatriotic (because your party could never be accused of being unpatriotic) and whether this goes against everything you stood for just mere weeks or months ago, this is the ideal strategy.

And that is exactly the state in which the Republican Party is at the moment.

For one, and this convention proved this over and over again, facts are absolutely and completely irrelevant if you ask the members of the GOP. Whether a certain statement is true or false has become inconsequential. It does not even matter if the said statement could be true in the universe we live in.

A statement simply exists to provoke a certain emotion and this emotion is fear.

A huge deal of what was said about the United States as a country and as a group of people (because that is what countries are) at the GOP convention was insanely unpatriotic. Everywhere you turned, you heard how America is in the dumps, how we are weak, how others are bullying us, how we are being taken advantage of.

Try to imagine if all of this was being said by the politicians from the Democratic Party. The Republicans would have been in an uproar about this. They would call for ostracizing, if not stoning, of the people who dared say something so unpatriotic.

But since this is them saying it, it does not matter.

A spectacular leap of logic suddenly makes this perfectly patriotic. They are saying these things because they are worried.

Let’s not even mention the fact that these unpatriotic statements were completely false.

To try to just list all of the remarks that the various Republican and conservative politicians, commentators and journalists made throughout the convention would be an exercise in futility. People were literally contradicting the stuff they had been saying for months, years or even decades.

Those who decided against these standpoint loops were noticeably absent, even though Trump wanted to make everything look like this huge frat party where everyone cool showed up. The one person who dared publicly defy Trump at the convention was probably the only person scarier than Trump, Ted Cruz.

The state of the Republican Party is just sad.

The worst thing is that their plan worked perfectly. We are sure that a large number of Republican voters who were on the fence are now scared for their future and the future of their families, simply because this invasion of negative “statements” was designed to do exactly this.

We, however, are scared for a completely different set of reasons, although there are some overlaps.

We, for one, are absolutely appalled by how the “facts” have become inconsequential. This political climate where anything can be represented as a fact is scary. It makes everything pointless. Everything is reduced to a shouting match.

We are further scared by the absolute lack of accountability. When Trump’s wife plagiarized entire parts of Michelle Obama’s speech, they first tried to deny it and then when the evidence became overwhelming, they changed their story.

Three days later and no one cares about it.

It is as if it didn’t happen.

The absolute worst thing about the RNC and something that, for some reason, most leading publications and news networks are saying only convolutedly is that it was 100 percent racist.

From start to finish, everything about the RNC was racist and xenophobic. Every issue was colored by the most blatant racism we have seen in decades.

And no one batted an eye.

It has all been reduced to spectacle.

And that scares the bejesus out of us.


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