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Why The Democratic Party Shouldn’t Worry About Trump


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In 2015, when the United States learned that Donald Trump is putting in his candidacy for the Republican Party nomination at the 2016 Presidential Election, most of us laughed. Some laughed at the absurdity of the idea while others gave a slight, annoyed chuckle thinking this was yet another way in which modern politics is starting to look more and more like a circus.

Here we are, less than a year later and Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s nominee for the presidency. It is not yet technically in the books, but it is happening.

The Democratic Party nominee is going to face off Donald Trump in the elections come November. But, should we be scared? Can Trump really be a bona fide nominee?

If it were any other potential Republican nominee, we would have to say yes. If it were Marco Rubio or John Kasich or even Ted Cruz, the Democratic Party would have had a fight on their hands. Especially now when it is becoming clear that our nominee is going to be Hillary Clinton. Most experts agree that Clinton would have struggled against any Republican nominee, except for Donald Trump.

Which makes this election more or less a walk in the park. But why exactly?

Well, for one, people simply do not like Trump. There is something called the favorability rating, which calculates how many people think favorably of a candidate and how many unfavorably. Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating is at -12 which is bad. Usually, a candidate whose favorability is so much in the negative has a long way to go. Not this time. Namely, at the same time when Clinton polled at -12, Trump polled at -24. As much as people dislike Clinton, they dislike Trump even more.

In other words, the way things are going, we will be having an election with two seriously disliked candidates.

Trump is also going to lose pretty much all of the minority votes because of his hard-lining and outright disgusting proclamations and opinions. He understands there are votes in it, but he will now have to face an electorate that is going to be 12 percent Latino and where he has no chances of winning any significant votes. He cannot hope for too many Black or Asian votes either.

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The biggest demographic problem that Trump is going to face, however, is the fact that he is being seen as an unfavorable candidate by a vast majority of women voters. In April, 70 percent of women held an unfavorable view of Trump.

To say that we were or are surprised would be untrue. Trump has shown absolute lack of tact in talking to women, about women or tackling any issues that have been of any interest to women. It has all caught up with him now and it is going to be an uphill battle for him when it comes to changing the minds of women voters.

Considering the fact that women voters make for the majority of the voting population, this is something that is going to hurt him and hurt him bad.

Another issue that will make it pretty much impossible for Trump to become the next president of the United States of America is the fact that the Republican voters do not like him and that many of them feel like he is diving the party. After the Pennsylvania Primary, 58 percent of the GOP voters said they thought the GOP candidacy race divided the party. Moreover, 22 percent of them said that it would be scary if Trump became the president.

When 22 percent of the people from YOUR party are terrified at the prospect of you becoming the president, it may be difficult to convince others to vote for you.

There are some people who say that underestimating Trump as a presidential candidate is foolish and that you never know what a candidate might do. We, on the other hand, think that Trump is simply too extreme to win the election. He has alienated certain demographics to the point where he will never be able to bring them back and a large number of his own Republicans are not going to vote for him.

There is no need for the Democratic Party to fear Donald Trump. With Clinton being our candidate, we really did need someone like Trump to win.

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