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Why Is Trump Going Soft?


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When Team Trump brought on Kellyann Conway, many people thought that this move was supposed to soften up Donald Trump and make him more appealing to a wider voting population. But then they hired Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon and that threw a lot of people off.

Since the two of them have become more prominent pieces of the Trump machinery, the Republican presidential nominee has definitely become softer.

In the biggest political story of the week, Trump has started changing his tune when it comes to immigration and the change has, surprisingly, been in a more liberal direction. In fact, it has been deemed so liberal that Ted Cruz found it necessary to comment on it. As you can imagine, his comments have been of a mocking tone.

But, what exactly has been Trump saying these days? Like always, answering this question can be an undertaking of Herculean proportions. The primary reason why this is difficult is that Trump’s unique rhetorical style makes it almost impossible to transcribe anything. The second and most important reason is that during this major shift we have also been exposed to a myriad of smaller shifts, logical jumps and inconsistencies.

It is, however, possible to put one’s finger on the general idea in his immigration policy softening.

In essence, Trump has finally said it publicly that his immigration stand was a bit fascistic, and exceptionally broad in nature. The basic idea is that not everyone is the same and that some people deserve to stay in the country. You might even say that the Trump Ticket has finally adopted a stance whereimmigrants are almost seen as actual human individuals and not some World War Z-like avalanche of crime and “bad Americanism”.

You see now why Ted Cruz sees a fault with this. The fact that some people consider Cruz the voice of reason is probably even scarier than the whole Trump thing, if you ask us.

In addition to recognizing the fact that reality cannot be summed up in a tagline, Team Trump has also announced that their candidate will even come forward with an entire plan on how to tackle illegal and legal immigration.

All of this definitely feels like the work of Conway whose touch of professionalism has made Trump’s campaign almost serious.

The reason for Trump’s softening is a very simple one. Even the birds in the trees are aware of the fact that his campaign is in a whole lot of trouble. They are now willing to try anything that might ingratiate them with a somewhat wider scope of voters. There simply isn’t enough angry, racist, white men in the U.S. to win the presidential election and they had to do something.


Like we already mentioned, the more terrifying parts of the GOP are calling this betrayal and this was perfectly expected. They see Trump crashing and burning in slow motion and they are simply scoring some points while the whole charade is still going strong.

More interestingly, the majority of Trump’s supporters simply don’t care that he is flip-flopping. No, really. You can see it here. When asked if they will still vote for him even if he abandons the Wall (which he hasn’t done yet), most of them say yes.

They just don’t care.

It becomes almost surreal. It feels that he can do whatever he wants, make statements that make absolutely no sense and his supporters will stand behind him.

If he started delivering his speeches exclusively in Lithuanian and actually started speaking Lithuanian instead of English, it would not matter.

Nothing he says or does matters.

His supporters are behind him no matter what.

The good news is that his supporters are not enough to win him the presidency and that his attempts to reach out to the rest of the American voting public are just ridiculous. This is especially true for black and Latino voters, another new target of his stumbling campaign.

In short, Trump is going soft because he is panicking.

He is panicking because this election is beyond him.

Thank God.

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