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Why Does Everyone Hate Hillary So Much?


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The weird thing is that a lot of people who support Senator Bernie Sanders also openly hate Hillary Clinton. The hate is, however, somewhat unjustified, for a number of reasons. To begin with, she’s an admirable public servant, in spite of her obvious flaws, which mostly happen to be consequences of her decades in positions of authority. After all, the saying goes that every coin has two sides while politicians have four – why should Hillary be any different?

Her work as both the former Secretary of State and the first lady surely gave her a close view of what life looks like in the Oval Office, helping her learn how the levers of power work, and what the responsibilities that they bring with them are. Seeing as she has served as a U.S. senator for eight years, she knows everything there is to know about how Congress functions. She also has a vast comprehension of foreign affairs, having visited over 110 countries during her years as Secretary of State, which is more than any previous person in that post.

She is also quite formidable when you take a look at her long list of achievements, both in Congress and at the State Department, none of which can be denied (although many will try their best to do so). Never forget her courageous China speech on women’s rights, her important work on climate change, or her skill as a senator in guiding the Children’s Health Insurance Program through Congress.

She also helped negotiate a ceasefire with Hamas when things were getting really tense with Israel, and helped forge alliances in South America, Africa, as well as Asia. That’s only the beginning of the long list of her achievements. And yet, people hate her. Why? Her negative ratings, in fact, have been shockingly high for someone who’s this close to the nomination of her party. Actually, one of the most common questions people usually ask her is “Why don’t they like you?”


Of course, the GOP has known for quite a while now that Hillary Clinton is an unexpectedly strong candidate, and this frightens them. They haven’t failed to remind people of Benghazi (for which she bears little responsibility) and her e-mail scandal. As far as the latter is concerned, there are numerous people who openly claim that there is no clear evidence that Clinton knew that the material in her emails was classified. One of those people is columnist Ruth Marcus, who is openly defending Clinton on the matter, even though you can’t really call him an avid supporter of her cause.

It would be too easy to blame sexism for the nastiness that colors her opposition, but it’s still a valid factor to consider. Since misogyny is emerging in nearly every single comments section of Clinton-related articles on the Web, it’s not hard to believe that a certain percentage of her haters are targeting the most trivial of things – her gender. Additionally, they attack such trifles as her voice, hairstyle, pantsuits, her laugh, everything.

Clinton gets slammed for “shouting,” for not smiling enough, for not being kind enough, for her diction, for her origin, for her marriage to Bill Clinton, for everything. To sum it up, there seems to be an abundance of bizarre reasons people are hating on Hillary Clinton, and most of them revolve around the fact that she’s a woman, which is absolutely preposterous. We’ve yet to see what they will say if she wins the elections, but judging by the present,  we can only expect a mountain of criticism without any reasonable ground.

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