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What To Expect From The Democratic National Convention


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The Democratic National Convention kicks off today and in the next few days, we will see Hillary Clinton become the first woman official major party nominee for the President of the United States. If you asked us what we expected to see last Friday, we would have told you not much. We would have told you that we expect to see everyone fall in line and gush over how great a nominee Clinton is.

However, since her decision to make Tim Kaine her running mate and especially since the Wikileaks DNC email leak which happened over the weekend, we have started feeling that things might actually get a bit complicated at the convention.

We mentioned Tim Kaine both when we wrote about Clinton’s potential running mates way back and more recently in our article on Wall Street potentially exerting its influence on the pick. Well, as it turned out, the Clinton team really decided to go with Kaine, probably the most sensible choice possible.

When you think about it, the most sensible choice really did make the most sense. For one, he should probably secure the state of Virginia for the Democrats. He has also been in politics since forever, meaning that he will have all the experience needed to fulfill his role.

Most importantly, however, Kaine is THE sensible choice, which might just be the winning strategy against Donald Trump. As the election draws nearer, Trump’s outrageous nature and willy-nilly attitude will start to become too unpredictable and insane and people will be looking for a sensible choice. Kaine will be someone who will reinforce the Clinton ticket in being the more rational decision.

On the other hand, the choice of Tim Kaine is also a bit of a slap in the face for Bernie Sanders supporters who clamored for Elizabeth Warren to be the running mate. We all knew this would never happen, but Clinton could still have chosen better. While Sanders has already commented that Kaine is a good man, the Virginia senator also has a long history of playing into Wall Street hands, calling for further deregulation of banks, among other things.

Another reason why the convention might turn out to be even more strained are the incredible leaks that became public over the course of this weekend. Wikileaks came forward with a humongous leak of over 20,000 emails between various members of the Democratic National Committee.

Among other things, these emails showed the disdain many members of the organization had for Sanders, his team, and his campaign during the primaries. While there have been no clear indications that anyone did anything illegal, it became obvious that the DNC was not exactly neutral during the primary process.

This has already caused Bernie’s supporters to take it to the streets of Philadelphia and voice their disgust at what was happening. So far, this has resulted in the DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigning from her position and being absent from the convention.

Most experts agree that this is a move aimed at appeasing Sanders and his supporters, while also removing a rather unpopular albeit powerful Democratic Party figure who was never Clinton’s favorite in the party.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why the Democratic National Convention that kicks off today might be much more interesting than the Clinton camp would like to see.

That being said, we still believe that most people will be so glad Wasserman Schultz is gone that they will not cause an uproar.

There is still an important (the most important) battle to be won and the Democratic party needs to stand united. With speakers like President Obama, Michelle Obama, NYC Mayor Bloomberg and many others coming forward to support Clinton, we will probably witness a united convention.

There is a chance Bernie might decide to dissent, but looking at the big picture, we like to believe that he will not. Perhaps he might get another one of his issues onto the party future platform in return for supporting Clinton?

Only time will tell.

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