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What Is Wrong With Donald Trump?


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If you are one of our regular readers, then you have probably wondered why we haven’t written a single thing about Donald Trump and his road to the GOP nomination. Sure, we have mentioned him in passing, but we never really sunk our teeth into him and let him have it.

But why?

Well, for one, we leave the GOP squabbles to the republicans. We are still in the inter-party phase of the elections and we believe that it is far more important (and decent) to look into our own yard first. But, it’s not like we lacked material.

Also, we always thought it was far too easy to attack Mr. Trump. The man is a walking, talking charade and we really never saw the point in assaulting such a figure. It has felt like back in President Bush’ days when attacking someone that ridiculous felt almost mean.

Do not get us wrong, we have been tempted. Mr. Trump has said so many ridiculous, offensive and outright disgusting things that we really had to practice a lot of self-control. Still, somehow we managed.

However, after yesterday, we simply cannot stay quiet anymore. Trump’s comments on the decision of the U.S. Treasury to have Harriet Tubman replaceAndrew Jackson on the 20-dollar bill were the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to say.

Okay, not even Donald Trump is insane enough to say that Harriet Tubman was anything less than “fantastic”, but he still had to say a few things to get everyone mad. If we are being totally precise, it was not what he said, but what he omitted to say.

Namely, while defending Andrew Jackson and his heritage which is in Trump’s mind enough to keep him on the $20 bill, he failed to mention anything about the horrible parts of Jackson’s life and political career.

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For one, the man owned slaves. Some people will say that this was common back in the day and that many of our founding fathers owned slaves. Just because they all did it does not make it right. There is no historic context that can in any way justify owning slaves or for even tolerating slavery. If there is a “human” act that is completely and utterly indefensible, it is slavery. And Andrew Jackson owned slaves.

Not only did he own slaves, but he fought abolitionists and sought their punishment. He was not just a “man of his times”.

Trump failed to mention that. In fact, he saw Jackson as a 100 percent positive character from our history, a man who “had a history of tremendous success for the country”.

Even if we let the slavery go, WHICH SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NEVER BE DONE FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, Jackson also happens to be the man whose signature signaled the start of something that resulted in the Trail of Tears.

In essence, it was Jackson who started the most massive Native American relocation process which ended in utter genocide of a large number of Native American peoples.

Trump failed to mention that.

Do not get us wrong, we are Democrats and we do know that Andrew Jackson was the most important man in the creation of the Democratic Party, but we are also decent enough to acknowledge the fact that he was pro-slavery and pro-genocide.

These are not relative terms. These are binary terms. You cannot be somewhat pro-slavery and somewhat pro-genocide. You either are or are not.

Trump does not see this to be the case, or at least wants everyone to think he does not see it. Either way, it makes him either very, very stupid or very, very evil.

If he says a woman who risked her life to free slaves and earn more rights for women is not more deserving of being on a banknote than Andrew Jackson then Donald Trump is either a dumb man or an evil man.

Yes, yes, it is all politics and probably not a single word that comes out of his mouth has anything to do with the truth, but once again we come to the totality of Andrew Jackson and Harriet Tubman.

There is nothing relative about the two of them.

Even someone like Donald Trump should acknowledge this.

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