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What Happens If Trump Drops Out?


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Back in the primary days, when both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were still battling opponents within their own party, it was obvious that Trump’s strong position was the best thing for the Democratic Party.

During the primary process, the numbers clearly stated that Hillary Clinton would have trouble beating any Republican nominee except for Trump, especially if John Kasich was in question, a moderate and trustworthy Republican politician. Trump was (and still is) seen as someone who would be easy to beat.

One thing that no one expected was the quickness of Trump’s presidential race meltdown. The official race didn’t even start and he already made a few gaffes that have him spiraling out of the race.

We are, of course, talking about the Khan family comments. He has continuously miscalculated how the American public feels about the family of a Muslim American soldier killed in action.

Trump mishandled this so thoroughly that very serious cracks started to appear in his campaign. Not that his campaign was ever particularly strong.

He continued in this bungling fashion making a silly joke about how it is easier to be handed a Purple Heart by a vet than to earn it in battle. It was a pretty edgy joke that might have worked in another context, but not when you are the Republican nominee battling for the White House.

The reaction to this alongside the Khan family comments is proof that the American people have started to realize just how dumb his comments really are. This is the presidential race, people are paying more attention and you cannot go on making insane comments like that. It is like being in the playoffs. The mistakes you make are augmented by the importance of the game.

In a fairly pathetic attempt to get people to stop talking about his previous comments, Trump called Clinton the devil – a weird political move from another place and another era. We are still trying to remember the last time we heard a nominee call their opponent the devil. We have a strong suspicion we would have to go back to pre-electricity days.

He has also started clamoring on about how the election process is rigged and some experts see this as the first signal that he might actually drop out of the race. It makes sense. He has started creating an “out” for himself, a way in which he would explain his departure from the race, should he make this decision.

In addition to all this, Trump has started hurting his fellow Republicans in their political battles, both directly and indirectly.

For one, he refused to endorse John McCain, Paul Ryan and Kelly Ayotte in the non-presidential GOP primaries.

More importantly, more than a few GOP politicians talked anonymously with the people from Politico and they told them Trump has started ruining their chances against their Democratic opponents. They say that his comments are alienating the voters in their states, causing them to flock to the Democratic candidates.

In this same Politico article, we can also see the statistic where 70 percent of the Republican politicians interviewed would support Trump dropping out of the race.

So, what exactly would happen if he dropped out?

The Republican Party rulebook allows for two outcomes. One of them involves the Republican National Committee declaring a new nominee and the other calls for a new convention to take place. In any case, there are mechanisms that would allow this to happen.

The important question is whether Trump will actually drop out. The polls are clear – the American people are starting to see through him and his campaign is unraveling. Former CIA executives who served under Republican Presidents call him unsuitable for the job. Some people say that even his campaign manager says his team is suicidal.

On the other hand, there is Trump who claims there is no truth to the rumors he is giving up. One thing is for sure, no one knows what the future will bring when Trump’s campaign is in question.


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