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Trump’s Campaign Reshuffle Reveals A Rudderless Ship


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This week, Donald Trump announced two additions to his campaign team – Breitbart News Chairman Stephen Bannon and veteran GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway. In any other circumstances, this would require an in-depth analysis that would weigh the pros against the cons and reveal some sort of a plan or method. However, if this presidential race has taught us anything, it is that Trump has no plan or method and that he is making decisions based on… well, that is the $64,000 question, isn’t it?

First of all, let’s take a good long look at these two new additions.

Conway has worked as a GOP pollster for decades and she is generally considered to be a seasoned veteran in this arena. She has also been an integral part of GOP’s past efforts to become more appealing to female voters. She started her polling company back in the mid-1990s and she gained prominence during calls for Bill Clinton’s impeachment when she regularly appeared on national television.

During the GOP primary, she supported Ted Cruz and she and her family actually donated money to Cruz’ campaign. She has since also worked with Mike Pence and has actually been with the campaign since Pence was named Trump’s running mate.

And while Conway’s promotion does not really send shivers down our spines, Trump’s team coupled it with another promotion that does much more than just that.

Stephen Bannon as the Chief Executive of a bona fide presidential campaign is simply horrifying. Just log on to Breitbart.com and check out a few article titles. Articles like that make people do stupid things. Like, really, really stupid things.

For example, Bannon recently welcomed former prosecutor Andy McCarthy on his show where he talked about the “fact” that Islamists have infiltrated the Obama administration. One of Bannon’s questions was, and we are not joking here, “Do you think it shows that our government is starting to become Sharia adherent, Sharia compliant?” You can read more about this here. It is a riveting read.

Do not get us wrong, Bannon is not a stupid man by any means and he knows that there is a huge portion of the American public that really does think that Planned Parenthood is carrying out a holocaust against fetuses. He knows his readership.

He has also been Trump’s staunchest supporter throughout the primary and the presidential race, mostly because they share the same dislike for GOP elites.

Trump knows that Bannon is not going to hold him back. If anything else, he will spur him on. Bannon is probably smart enough to know that Trump stands very little chance if he campaigns like a traditional politician. And Bannon will want Trump to be even less careful.

Well, why hire Kellyann Conway then? She has been among those people who have called for Trump to get more moderate and on-script in his public appearances. She has been in the “let’s get Trump closer to the center” team and she gets called on at the same time as Bannon.

It really makes no sense at all.

This whole thing is so baffling. The only sensible reason for this is that Trump simply got tired of his current campaign manager (who still holds this position)Paul Manafort. Trump was never a huge fan of Manafort’s and the whole Russian-ties thing makes this a perfect opportunity for Trump to cast him aside.

Still, why Conway and why Bannon?

If you ask us, there was no plan behind this move. Trump’s campaign has gone completely off the rails and they are now doing stuff just to look like they are doing something.

This particular travesty has run its course and it was high time.


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