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Trump Shows His Usual Amount Of Poise In Face Of Orlando Shooting


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The shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando is a tragedy of soul-shattering proportions, the most brutal shooting in the history of a country with far too many shootings. With 50 people killed and at least 50 more injured, this mindless attack on Orlando’s gay population rocked the entire world to its core.

For Donald Trump, however, the attack was just another opportunity to try and convince people that he is the smartest and how his racist views have a place in American political discourse.

There is so much wrong with this comment, on so many different levels.

For one, his self-assured approach and his “I was right all along” bravado does not come across as confident or even buffoonishly incendiary in case you enjoy this kind of stuff. It comes across as abrasive and almost giddy. We are not saying he enjoys the fact this happened (we would never suggest something like that), but the poor wording makes us think of it.

As a political move, this tweet was a complete miss. As Glenn Thrush suggested on Politico, Trump had the perfect opportunity to drive home the idea how President Obama’s administration and Hillary Clinton are far too soft on Islamic terrorism and how a Republican president would change this. Instead of being substantial, somber and presidential, Trump went for childish and unnecessarily narcissistic.

Then, just to make things worse for himself, he went out and tweeted this.

Once again, he sort of nails it on the head with the message (as far as his supporters are concerned), as in “our leadership is weak and ineffective”, but then completely ruins it by putting himself first with “I called it” and, once again, playing into the hands of Islamic terrorists by calling for the “ban”. We all know what ban this is. By the way, his ban would have been absolutely useless since Omar Mateen was born in the U.S. and worked as an armed guard for years, despite the fact he was investigated by the FBI on a couple of occasions.

Trump was right about one thing, Mateen was an Islamic extremist and there are no two ways about it. That is a fact. He was also a homophobe who decided to target a gay club not simply because his extremist views see homosexuality as wrong, but because he sees it as wrong.

One thing that Trump does not mention and never will is that Mateen walked in the club with an AR-15 assault rifle and a handgun that he purchased legally, once again, despite the fact he was investigated by the FBI. He probably did not have to wait a single day before he could hang his rifle off his shoulder and go scoping for places he could shoot up.

The sheer number of victims makes this crude talk about numbers and the mechanics of it all an important thing to discuss. A single person could never cause this much devastation without an automatic weapon. It is very simple. He would have done the same thing, but he would not have killed so many people without an automatic weapon.

It is insane to try and ignore the gun violence problem in this country, regardless of what inspired this last carnage.

As estimated by Alvin Chang on Vox, since 1968,  gun violence in the United States killed more Americans than all of the wars we took part in put together. This is an insane figure. This is a figure that beggars belief. This is a figure that should silence any voices that cry Tyranny! when someone suggest stricter gun laws.

President Obama talked about this calmly and factually on PBS about a week before the Orlando shooting.

He really put things in perspective here. Gun violence will not stop in this country before we rethink our relationship with guns or at least start enforcing some laws governing gun ownership.

A person like Omar Mateen should not be able to purchase an assault rifle.

A person like Donald Trump should not use this tragedy to go “I told you so!”.

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