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Trump Goes Anti-Semitic On Twitter


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Donald Trump‘s entire political existence has been built on the foundation of controversy, irrational comments, and emotions. That is the common consensus.

However, when writing about the Republican Party nominee for the presidential race, almost none of the major media outlets or renowned political writers has been forward enough to say that a very big part of his political success has been based on racism.

The reason why people do not want to say that Trump is racist is that he probably isn’t one – on a personal level. We honestly do not think Trump the human being is racist. That being said, 95 percent of his campaigns and media outbursts have been carefully constructed so as to play on those racist sentiments or at least racial fears.

Even when the issue at hand is supposed to be nothing but economy or job creation, Trump and his team add a bit of racial fearmongering to it, just to stir things up. Figuring out why they think it works (it has worked perfectly so far, btw) is most probably an analysis that would only make us depressed.

Instead, we would like to say a thing or two about the latest example of this racial fearmongering that Trump’s campaign does so regularly. We are talking about the overtly anti-Semitic facet to his Saturday attack on Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

He was launching yet another in his string of attacks on Clinton, using a photo and a tagline from a book of hers, saying History Made. The picture was superimposed over a pile of cash and the writing Most Corrupt Candidate Ever! next to Clinton’s face. Common political bashing, right?

Well, it would have been if not for the fact that the words ‘Most Corrupt Candidate Ever’ were slapped over the Star of David.

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Once again, Trump’s campaign was “spicing up” its political message with a racist element thrown in to associate his opponent with yet another centuries-old conspiracy theory about the Jewish people controlling the U.S. finances. This is clearly what this picture was trying to say.

This is not an opinion. The Star of David that was used was not used as a result of a design decision.

It was yet another example of his campaign’s pandering to certain groups in this country who will immediately “recognize the connection.” We are sure you can conjure up this particular demographic in your head.

Of course, Trump, as well as some of his allies tried to deny this was the case.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and the wonderful people from Mic.com, by Sunday, our fears were only reinforced when they found out this particular picture was first used on an online board where neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and anti-Semites congregate.

Even before this happened, Trump took down the picture and tweeted another, this time with a circle instead of the Star of David.

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This begs a question; if there was nothing wrong with the first picture and if it was a sheriff’s star or something like that, then why was there a need to take it down and replace it with another one, this time featuring a circle?

The worst thing about this is that it does not matter. In Trump’s mind and in the minds of the people who run his campaign, they did their bit of pandering to the racially-influenced voters. Those voters saw the image and they are very well aware of what the image meant.

Yet again, it will be forgotten and Trump and his people will continue using racial fears to fuel his campaign. He will probably get a photo taken of him eating a knish or a bagel, tweeting an asinine joke to go along with it. The media will ridicule him, he will be mocked on various tonight shows or whatever, but it will not matter.

He will have again used a totally racist piece of propaganda, he will have earned a few more votes from the extreme parts of the American society (and unfortunately not just them), he will have made this country a tad bit worse and everyone will have forgotten about it.

It is a nightmarish self-perpetuating machine of racism, lame jokes, controversy, muddling of issues, and forgetfulness.

And come November, we can only hope it does not put Donald Trump in the White House.

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