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Top 15 Hillary Running Mates for 2016

2. Martin Heinrich

2. Martin Heinrich

1. Martin Heinrich
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This Democratic senator from New Mexico has also served a few terms in the House of Representatives for his state. He hasn’t been in the upper echelons of Washington politics for long, which is good. It helps him avoid that dreaded “Washington insider” status among voters.

Heinrich is also relatively young, which would be a good balance to Hillary’s greater age at the time of the election. Voters are uncomfortable electing a president who is old enough to be collecting Social Security, as the nation discovered when John McCain ran against Barak Obama in the most recent election.

Voters would feel more soothed in this regard with a younger, more vigorous and energetic running mate for Hillary. It is not that voters think that older politicians are incapable of doing their jobs; some people have been in the Senate into their 90’s and did quite well the whole time.

It’s just that they know older people sometimes lack the stamina needed to keep going for long hours of work in the highest levels of government. A younger running mate could take some of that burden off Hillary, making her a more effective president.

Also working in his favor is the fact that he’s a moderate, which will help balance Hillary’s liberal politics. This could gain her lots of swing voters who may have otherwise been put off by her extreme left tendencies. With just enough political experience to make people take him seriously (while having just enough inexperience that people still trust him), Heinrich has the credentials and reputation necessary to make him the ideal tailor-made running mate for Hillary.

Who do you think would be good running mates for Hillary? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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