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Top 15 Hillary Running Mates for 2016


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Most political analysts believe it is an almost certainty that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic party’s presidential candidate in 2016.

Most of those analysts, and even many voters, also believe that she will win the election. The Republican party doesn’t have anyone to run against her who would be a serious contenderyet, and that doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.

With Hillary being the virtual shoo-in for the Democratic party’s presidential candidate in 2016, that leaves the question open for who her running mate will be. Who is most likely to be her running mate, based on political necessity and her own preferences? Here are the top 15 contenders.

15. Bill Clinton

Is it even possible for Bill Clinton to be his wife’s running mate? Technically, it is. The U.S. Constitution allows a person to be president for 10 consecutive years. There wasn’t always such a limit, but Franklin D. Roosevelt’s record breaking four presidential election wins prompted a change to the Constitution to limit the number of times a person can be president, and for how long.

Bill was president for eight during his two full terms in office. If he ran with Hillary and they won, he could succeed her as president for two more years if she was for some reason unable to complete her term. If she had longer than that remaining on her term, he could still be president for two more years, and then whoever became Bill’s vice-president would have to take over the job.

This would be similar to how Gerald Ford took over for Richard Nixon when Nixon had to leave office. Bill could not run for president again on his own in any case. However, nothing is constitutionally stopping him from being his wife’s vice-president, and some political pundits have discussed this possibility.

However, the possibility is a long-shot. The American public wasn’t too thrilled in the early years of Bill’s first term as president when it seemed like Hillary had too much power. They probably wouldn’t like it much if Bill joined her in office and had actual political power alongside her again.

One Clinton in the Oval Office was plenty for the American public. Two (as it is assumed presidential spouses influence their husbands or wives to a great degree) would probably be too much for voters to accept. While she and Bill are definitely on the same page politically, he would just be too polarizing of a running mate and would likely hinder her chances of winning.

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