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This Week In Trump Gets Outright Terrifying


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From the very start of the whole Donald Trump running for office thing, the United States were promised something different. This real-estate-mogul-turned-reality-TV-star vowed to change the way the Republican Party and everyone else saw American politics.

He seemed ridiculous and people almost felt sorry for him.

No one dreamt that someone without anything resembling a coherent opinion or a single actual policy idea would be something more than a Republican primary oddity.

The Republican Party primaries featured far too many traditional and somewhat less traditional candidates for Trump to really do anything but cause a few chuckles, right?

Unfortunately for the Republican party, we were all very wrong.

As it turned out, the Republican voters have suffered so much over the last two decades that they simply went with someone who seemed to be standing up against the party. They felt so betrayed by their politicians that started voting for the only obvious non-politician in the bunch, this real-estate-mogul-turned-reality-TV-star.

The republican primaries carried on and Trump started winning more and more states. All of a sudden, it became apparent that the traditional Republican candidates were not as interesting as Trump was and the GOP started to worry.

For non-Republicans, it all became hilarious.

To cut a long story short, Trump continued to win and eventually became the GOP nominee for the president of the United States of America.

It was unbelievable while still being completely hilarious from a Democrat’s point of view.

This past week, however, things have turned from unbelievable and hilarious to outright terrifying and that is not a good thing.

In case you missed it, Donald Trump, this real-estate-mogul-turned-reality-TV-star started advocating violence.

He started off by saying how the election is rigged and how he felt he didn’t stand a chance because some higher powers didn’t want him in the White House. In essence, this was the first indication that he wanted his supporters to start thinking about alternative methods of fighting for their political hero. When the game is rigged, you need to change the game, right?

He then started calling for the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails to find out more about the stuff the Department of Justice didn’t want to find out. Once again – the system is broken and rigged in favor of his opponent. The course of action he suggested was totally ludicrous, but the idea was the same:

He was asking his backers to do something besides supporting him in the political arena.

Then, came that infamous moment that people have debated incessantly since it happened. At a rally in North Carolina, Trump said in his own inimitable way that the people who are serious about the Second Amendment might want to do something about Clinton becoming president and picking supreme court judges. This is the full quote:

“Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, and if she gets to pick — if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Of course, not even Trump is insane enough to say they should shoot Clinton, but the subtext of what he said was clear as day.

This is scary. This is so scary that it sends shivers down your spine. This is the kind of stuff that unstable people hear as a call for action and this country has been through enough recently.

And as if this was not enough, just yesterday, Trump went on stage in Florida and openly said that President Barack Obama founded ISIS. He said it a few times and then added that Clinton was the co-founder.

He did not even try to conceal this one in a clumsy joke or anything. He just stood there and outright said that the President of the United States of America founded the country’s biggest enemy at the moment.

This is terrifying.

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