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The Trump-Pence Ticket Is Plain Cringeworthy


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You know that particularly embarrassing uncle of yours? The one who believes he is the young John Travolta but he actually looks and moves like that guy from Office Space who burns everything down? The uncle you have to explain to anyone that is not family at family events?

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are that embarrassing uncle.

Or at least that’s how their interview for 60 Minutes felt like.

In case you missed it, Trump announced Pence as his running mate last Friday and you have probably been wondering who this guy was and why he became part of Trump’s ticket.

Well, he is the governor of Indiana, the person behind the anti-LGBT law passed in the state and an overall political dinosaur who likes to think of himself as a traditional conservative who represents the Middle America.

On one hand, Pence makes the perfect choice for Trump. He is a sane guy who has the elusive (for the GOP at the moment) ability to think about things before he says them and he has actually done something in the political arena. We are not saying we in any way agree with a single thing he’d done, but he has done stuff.

He also has some sway in the Rust Belt, meaning he could get Trump some much-needed votes in the states where they think people listen to their xenophobic and unrealistic views of the world that had no place a hundred years ago, let alone today.

Pence is also an old-school conservative of the born-again crew and as such, he is expected to appeal to those crusty Republicans who actually think Trump is not insane enough (in their preferred way) to lead this country.

In the eyes and minds of Team Trump, Pence’s role is to be a simple one – try and turn the craziness that Trump spits left and right into something resembling a coherent political message while also attracting traditional Republican votes and financiers.

Unfortunately for them, and as was shown over and over again during their interview for 60 Minutes, Pence’s job turns out to be much, much, much more difficult than he dreaded in his worst nightmares. At times, it felt it would take a billion Pences in order to filter Trump’s craziness.

Like when he said, actually said, that Hillary Clinton invented ISIS. When you are on a ticket being headed by a guy who says stuff like that on national television, life must seem pointless.

And it was just one of those moments. Trump also very clumsily admonished the war in Iraq, which Pence had supported at the time and when reminded of this fact, Trump simply said, “I don’t care.”

There was one point in the interview when Trump was asked about bringing the party together where his response had at least 4 or 5 changes of opinion and stance in a single sentence. It was like this unreal political see-saw and poor Pence could only sit there, smiling uncomfortably.

Trump also took it upon himself to answer questions aimed at Pence, like the one where the Indiana governor was asked about telling Trump when he has crossed the line. Trump actually found it his job to allow Pence to answer a question about John McCain (which both of them squiggled out of, by the way).

All in all, it was a complete shambles of an interview where two people who were obviously brought together with a certain goal tried to seem like they like each other. The only problem is that Trump and Pence, for all the smarminess displayed in the interview, are diametrically opposite to each other in every sense and that in the past they hadn’t agreed on a single thing.

It looks iffy now and it makes for a very uncomfortable and embarrassing interviewee duo.

They probably had to do this interview before the GOP National Convention that starts today, but they really should have done some more preparation. They answered literally no questions straight up and they just flailed their tongues around, trying to mask their discomfort.

Just like your embarrassing uncle flails his arms and legs around thinking he is dancing.

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