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The Top 12 Reasons Joe Biden Will Win


11. He has less of a scandalous past then Chris Christie
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Obama’s vice president Joe Biden has served the president loyally for most of the two terms now and will probably follow his boss into retirement or some quieter form of politics, as he has no shot at the top job. Right?

Not so fast. Biden hasn’t completely clarified on whether or not he will seek first the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency in 2016 and whether he is willing to run for president in the first place, as he is still focused on doing his job as Vice President. But that doesn’t mean everyone else out there can’t have some fun speculating as to how Biden could actually win the presidency if he were to run in 2016. Below are 12 theoretical reasons why Joe Biden will win the presidency in 2016.

12. Joe Biden doesn’t have a reputation for being an idiot

Which is important when you’re running for president. He’s no Dan Quail, who never stood a snowball’s chance in hell of rising above the VP seat due to his repeated public gaffs and the American public at least seems wary of someone like George W. Bush who makes mistakes on camera on a regular basis.

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