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The Fight To Keep Trump Out Of The White House Is On


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Last week, at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton was officially announced as the Democratic Party nominee at the 2016 Presidential Election. Now that the race is finally officially on, we wanted to stand back and look at the big picture.

Today, we give our opinion on the upcoming race, where the two candidates stand and what their potential strategies for winning the presidency are. Considering the fact that Hillary Clinton faces Donald Trump in the election, our analysis might be a bit more abstract than it would have been if the Republican candidate was anyone else.

First of all, we need to understand that this year’s presidential race features two of the most historically disliked candidates who somehow managed to win their respective party primaries and nominations, setting the stage for a really unique election.

While Clinton is disliked for a certain political persona that she has been projecting since getting into the arena, Trump is disliked for pretty much everything he says. He is disliked by almost everyone who is not one of his staunch supporters, the people who got him into the race.

A certain “unpolitical” approach is what won the Republican nomination for Trump, mostly due to the disillusionment of the GOP membership base with how their party had been run the previous years. However, this might actually not be the winning strategy for the general election.

This should make us happy because this means that our candidate is more or less being handed a victory, right?

Well, the thing is that Trump still has his supporters and that he has been doing rather well in getting the rest of the Republican Party voters on his side. He owes some of his current success to his running mate pick, Mike Pence. He should also be thankful that many Republicans would rather die than see another Clinton in the White House. Of course, some Republican voters have been convinced that Trump is not as unelectable as he seemed at first. The last group is a minority, mind you.

So, like we said, this is not a done deal. Clinton will still need to work for the presidency, especially since her own shortcomings will be magnified now that the race has officially begun.

The good news is that Bernie Sanders has done his share and told his supporters to stand behind Clinton and support her fight against Trump and his rhetoric of hate. Keep in mind, Sanders has had quite a successful year, mobilizing an enormous number of young Democrat voters and we hope that the majority of them will give Clinton their vote.

They certainly won’t give it to Trump.

And still, even with those votes in the bag, the election is not a sure shot.

Clinton still has to work hard to win and if you are someone who roots for the Democratic Party, this is a good thing. Clinton is not afraid of hard work and her team is packed with experts who know how to get things done in politics.

We do not think that Clinton will win because Trump is such a ridiculous nominee or because she will attract every sane vote in this country. We think that Clinton will win because she is a master politician. She has been around for a long time and she has scored more political victories than pretty much anyone. She did not become the first female nominee in the presidential election because someone decided it was time this happened.

This happened because Clinton knew how to do it.

Clinton and her team will know how to take advantage of the fact that, for the first time in more than 60 years, the state of Utah might actually go Democrat. They will know how to jump on the opportunity to call Trump on his lack of political knowledge. They will know how to expose him as a pointless nominee and get the first female POTUS ever into the White House.

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