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The 12 Most Important 2014 Governor Races for Democrats


12. Georgia
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The Governor races this year are very important for a number of elected officials in office and will help set the landscape for the 2016 presidential election. Democrats are attempting to protect 14 governors’ seats that are up for reelection while gaining a few more in states that were previously lost in 2010. Any additions to the Democrats for governor will be welcomed from the president’s cabinet and the stage is being set for some very hot races. Here are 12 of the most important governor races for the Democratic Party:

12. Georgia

This is currently a Republican seat, but State Senator Jason Carter (D) is looking to help make the switch. Folks in Georgia are still upset about what happened with the shutdown of services in Atlanta due to hat winter storm, so current Governor Nathan Deal has a lot on his plate. Jason Carter is also the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter and has a lot of money backing him. This is one to watch.

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