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Should Trump’s Lead Worry The Democrats?


shutterstock_353116961We all know what national voter polls are all about. They give us an insight into what the country thinks and come presidential election year, polls are a great way to find out how the two nominees fare. Different people do these polls, most of them various media outlets, and they all come with different results. A website called Real Clear Politics takes those different polls and works out an average which should be the most accurate representation of how different candidates stand.

Since it became obvious that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be running for their respective parties, the various polls have been pitting the two of them against each other. After an April where Clinton led Trump by more than 10 points (percent) in different polls, Trump is now in the lead, at least according to the last five major polls.

These five polls are the t ones done by CBS News/NY Times (Clinton +6), Fox News (Trump +3), Rasmussen Report (Trump +5), NBC News/Wall St. Journal (Clinton +3) and ABC News/Washington Post (Trump +2). According to their average, Trump is leading by 0.2 points and while we can all agree that this lead is a minuscule one, it still gives us pause.

But, are things really that dire? Should we really worry about Trump beating Clinton?

Well, there are reasons why we would fret. The mere idea that a person like Trump is attracting more voters than the Democratic nominee (it is not official, but Clinton is our nominee) is horrifying.

We are talking about a man who is so removed from the real world that it is just spine-chillingly scary. There is always the possibility that he is faking this dissonance with the real world, of course, but that makes it even scarier. That means Trump and his team have figured it out that the huge number of American voters know absolutely nothing about politics and the world in general.

Seeing a graph where Trump is in front of anyone is a scary one. It has been during the GOP primaries and it is to this day. Like we said on a few occasions, his candidacy might turn out to be the best thing for the Democratic Party this general election, but simply seeing his name up there still sends shivers down our backs.

That being said, it is still far too early to say that Trump is ahead of Clinton. Okay, technically he may be at this very point in time, but the next poll might have Clinton up by a few points, which would give her the overall advantage.

It should also be pointed out that this has been probably the best few days in this election cycle for Trump. He has started getting some support within his party while Clinton is still battling a fellow Democrat and his staunch supporters. In essence, Trump is at the peak of his popularity and Clinton is at the nadir of hers.

Once Bernie admits defeat (yes, it’s sad) and announces his support for Clinton, we will see a huge boost in her numbers. It should be said that the division within the Democratic Party is not even as significant as it seems. For instance, in 2008, there was a much larger percentage of Democratic primary voters who said they would never vote for Obama than there are those who say they cannot support Clinton now and we know how that worked out.

In that 2008 Democratic primary, Clinton was much stronger than Bernie is this year and still, once she stood behind Obama, her supporters did too and Obama beat John McCain.

There is no reason why this will not happen this time as well.

Bernie knows very well that Trump is a scourge upon America and that only an insane man would not support a fellow party member in the battle against this scourge.

A strong primary is good for the Democratic Party and it may seem Clinton is trailing Trump, but this party knows how to run against the Republicans and we are going to do it once more.

Trump will never get into the White House.

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