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Sanders Is Set To Endorse Clinton


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It seems that Bernie Sanders has finally made up his mind when it comes to who he’s going to endorse for the November elections, and it will apparently be Hillary Clinton.

This is not a surprising development, seeing as to the fact that Sanders on many occasions actually said that America wouldn’t survive four years of Trump, and if nothing else, this is where he and Clinton definitely agree.

Truth be told, it took Sanders a lot of time to decide whether he will endorse the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, and there are some whispers that him deciding now won’t be enough to bring him any formidable influence, but things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Sanders has about twelve million Americans under his sway, and that certainly is a nifty number.  It’s hardly surprising that Clinton would welcome this party community, seeing that many a Sanders’ supporters don’t actually fancy her very much. There are even rumors that these supporters are planning rallies and demonstrations in Philadelphia, right outside the Democratic Convention. So, it’s pretty clear that having Sanders officially by her side would help her win over his supporters. It might all go in the opposite direction as well and Sanders supporters just give it all up, but the party is hoping for the best.

It is however interesting that Sanders finally decided to pick sides now, but there are some sources who indicate there are two main reasons. First,Sanders is still passionate about making progress with his policy goals, and he definitely has more in common with Clinton than with Donald Trump. Second, after the failure he encountered in the presidential candidate race, Sanders needed some time to deal with it apparently, which is why he practically disappeared from sight, at least for a while.

Now he’s back and it is said that he will publically support Clinton at a campaign event that will take place in New Hampshire next Tuesday. Sanderspractically already proclaimed his endorsement of Clinton in an interview, where he said that all must be done so that she can become president. The campaign managers of Sanders and Clinton apparently have had some serious private conversations and meetings about what can be done in order to bring the two used-to-be opponents into one basket. It looks like the negotiations were more than successful.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was the biggest obstacle in this strained unity, seeing that Mrs. Clinton and Sanders have such different views on the matter. While Sanders was always against the deal quite vocally, Clinton first supported it, only to later change her mind. Sanders demanded language to be incorporated to the party’s policy platform that will clearly show that the party won’t support vote on the partnership, but he was refused. This refusal however doesn’t mean that Sanders will stop trying, on the contrary, he is planning on proposing it again at a platform committee meeting in Orlando this weekend.

Another thing that is assured for Sanders after the official endorsement of Clinton is an admirable speaking slot that will happen at the Democratic convention later in July. Nobody knows yet what Sanders will speak about and if it will be a full-on call for his supporters to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Just so that it wouldn’t appear like Sanders is making all the concessions, Clinton decided to support some of Sanders’ goals, and the first significant step was done on Wednesday. Clinton officially proposed eliminating tuition in all in-state public colleges, as well as universities, for all the families whose yearly income doesn’t exceed $125,000. This is definitely a step forward for Sanders’ policy to make all public colleges free for everyone, and this is also might have been the step that finally turned Sanders towards Clinton.

Another feat that Sanders is hoping to achieve is to push Clinton into taking a stand when it comes to health care, or to be more precise, to press Congress which could add a public option for Affordable Care Act. Though Clinton supports the public option Sanders is so fond of, she also criticized him for wanting to transform Affordable Care act into the system of single-payer health insurance.

Senders has been “out of it” for some time, after he refused to support any presidential candidate, but he seems to have come around and is now definitely pro-Hillary. We will definitely know more on Tuesday.

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