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Why Is Trump Going Soft?

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Republican Policies on Women are Behind the Times

Today the Republican Party is in a state of disarray on multiple issues. The most significant of them may be the issue of women's rights involving access to health care and equal pay for equal work....


Rick Scott Broke the Fundraising Law


Did Rick Scott, the Tea Party Republican Governor of Florida, violate election laws? Florida Democrats think so. The chairperson of the Florida Democrats, Allison Tant, has filed a complaint mid...


Youths Choosing Independent


As young people reach adulthood they start to form opinions on things like marriage, religion, and politics. However, a recent survey by the Pew Research Center suggests that many millennials...


GOP Cutting Civilian Defense Jobs


A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives recently brought forth proposed legislation that aims to cut the civilian employees at the Department of Defense by 15 percent over...


Consumer Prices Look Stable


Statistics for the first part of 2014 show an economy slowed by winter's lengthy deep freeze, but recent gains in consumer spending point toward income growth and steady prices. ...