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Why Is Trump Going Soft?

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GOP to Limit Voting in Swing States

It's no surprise that when the two biggest political fractions in the country, the Republicans and Democrats, head to war that the will of the regular people suffer. In what has been an almost comical, if it weren't so depressing, exchange of political machinations and legislative brawls, a widespread effort to restrict votes in swing...


GOP Cutting Civilian Defense Jobs


A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives recently brought forth proposed legislation that aims to cut the civilian employees at the Department of Defense by 15 percent over...


Consumer Prices Look Stable


Statistics for the first part of 2014 show an economy slowed by winter's lengthy deep freeze, but recent gains in consumer spending point toward income growth and steady prices. ...


Midterms Causing a Democratic Panic


In the remaining few months leading up to the midterm elections in November, we will see many mentions of gloom and doom by "panic-mode Democrats." But these comments will mostly...


Obama Hurting Democrats


There is currently much talk in knowledgeable circles about what effect President Obama's administration is going to have on Democratic candidates and incumbents in the coming midterm election cycle. Frequently...