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Democrats Can’t Afford To Ignore Bernie

Photo credit: R. Gino Santa Maria / If you’ve been following anything even remotely related to the 2016 Democratic presidential campaign, you probably realized that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is on a roll. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is doing everything in her power to ignore him in her speeches, with her campaign...


Why Does Everyone Hate Hillary So Much?


Photo credit: JStone / The weird thing is that a lot of people who support Senator Bernie Sanders also openly hate Hillary Clinton. The hate is, however, somewhat unjustified, for a number...


Here’s Why Bernie Sanders Refuses To Give Up


Photo credit: Juli Hansen / Senator Bernie Sanders has definitely seen brighter days. He suffered a string of primary-contest losses, and his path to the White House is beginning...


Super Tuesday Is Over, Here Are The Results


Photo credit: a katz / Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the stars of Super Tuesday while Governor John Kasich finally managed to snatch a minute under the spotlight...