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Is Trump’s Campaign Already Unravelling?


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When people talk about a presidential race, whether the one that is unfolding this year or any of the races that preceded it, they mostly concentrate onpolicy, the candidates’ worldviews and experience. This is perfectly understandable.

For the vast majority of people, the presidential race is all about which of the two candidates puts their points across better, which of the two candidates seems more suited for the position, and which of the two candidates will make our country better.

This year, everyone is talking about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as presidential candidates, dissecting their every statement and their every decision in the last 40 years. Their mistakes are scrutinized over incessantly. We should know. We have been doing it for quite a while now.

And like we have mentioned on a number of occasions now, Trump has nothing to hope for in this political battle. His statements are outrageous, his decision making is non-existent, and his worldviews have no place in the 21st century.

However, these are not the only problems he has. Far from it. As much as he is in trouble thanks to the stuff he says and does, he is in even more trouble when we are talking organization.

This is something that the general public often knows nothing about. The presidential race is an incredibly complex process, where the organization of the campaign is every bit as important as the candidate and the views they hold and put across.

Well, according to the people who know what they are talking about, Trump has no campaign. Do not get us wrong, he has something resembling a campaign, but this is in no way enough to match Hillary’s campaign that had its trial run when she was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. Just to refresh your memory, Obama only barely beat Clinton back then.

Politico talked to their insiders about this and they unearthed something that should send the shivers down the spines of anyone who hopes Trump will become president.

Namely, the almost unanimous opinion is that Trump’s campaign is failing on the organization front in more ways than one. For example, one of their Republican Party insiders told them the following:

“Donald Trump just hired a guy yesterday in Colorado. One guy — does that count as an organization?”

Another Republican from the state said that Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz still have better organizations there than Trump.

A Republican from Iowa described Trump’s organization there as simply MIA.

GOP insiders from states like New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia shared the same sentiment.

The reason why these states are important is that these are swing states, meaning that the presidential race will be won or lost there. Seeing how little Trump is doing to win those states, one needs to start questioning whether he really understands how the presidential race works.

If you ask us, it is quite possible that Trump believes he can win the presidency by replicating the stuff he had done in order to win the GOP nomination. This is simply not the case. There are independent voters to be won over. There are Democrat voters who need to be wooed. There is still a ton of Republican voters who don’t like him as a nominee.

He does not seem to understand this.

He does not understand that these state organizations can win or lose elections. He will understand it come November.

And this is not even where his woes end.

For example, his campaign had to fire a digital strategist only days after hiring the company to do some creative projects for Trump’s campaign.

It doesn’t stop there. Kevin Kellems, a man who was brought on to control Trump’s surrogates, resigned today. Considering how uncontrollable and harmful Trump’s defenders and allies can be, this is not a position that can stay open for long. A day is too much.

And to think that Trump is not going to lose because he is ridiculous.



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