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Is Bernie Getting More Recognition Than He Deserves?


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If you tuned in Saturday night to listen to Hillary Clinton in Denver at the Colorado Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson dinner, you heard a lot of things about health care, Supreme Court appointments, gun violence, remembering Aurora, Columbine, as well as about Sandy Hook families who turned their grief into action. Clinton also talked about returning Michael Bennet to the Senate, anti-abortion personhood measures and the reopening of the Planned Parenthood clinics in Colorado Springs on Monday.

You could easily say that Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, zipped his lip, at least as far as Colorado was concerned. He discussed income equality in the US, single-payer health care, aaaand…that’s about it. There was no mention of helping other Democrats in Colorado or pretty much anything specific to Colorado at all. Even though many of us can agree that some of the things Bernie talked about make perfect sense, we can’t help but wonder when is Hillary going to get the recognition she deserves for the things she says and does?

A lot of Democrats would also agree with what Sanders had to say, but you can’t deny that Sanders’ positions would practically be non-existent if it weren’t for Hillary Clinton’s groundwork on health care, civil, LGBT and women’s rights, as well as for her 40-year long career as a child advocate. She also created the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and if you don’t remember, she started her career as a staff attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund. You are probably starting to get the picture, i.e. where the people’s frustration is coming from – Bernie gets respect for what he says he will do, Hillary’s still to earn it for what she’s been doing for years.

Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center in 1992 in So. Central, LA

Photo credit: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center in 1992 in So. Central, LA

Moreover, Secretary Clinton contributed to every foreign policy victory of President Obama. As Secretary of State, she successfully dwelled in the complex world of international diplomacy, helped restore the American stature in the word, contributed to the capture and execution of Osama bin Laden, normalized relations with Cuba, negotiated a cease-fire in Gaza and generally speaking, travelled to more countries than any other Secretary of State. Bernie? Oh, he just rested on his vote against the Iraq War, which is just spectacular.

Additionally, you’d be surprised to learn how many members of the black community have decided to openly protest against Sanders’ rise to the Oval Office, seeing as Bernie has had numerous bouts with the President. Sanders keeps raising alarm bells not only for members of the African-American community but also for Obama supporters in general.

And that doesn’t really come as a surprise when you take his past actions into account. Back in 2012, when he was still a proud independent, he took upon himself to call for a primary challenge to Obama’s presidency with an aim to “contrast a progressive agenda as opposed to what Obama is doing,” meaning that affordable health care and safe cities are not “progressive” enough. This jab came as a result of an earlier resistance to the Affordable Care Act, which is now considered to be one of President Obama’s greatest accomplishments. Thanks to Obamacare, over 200,000 South Carolinians now have access to quality and affordable health insurance. Why in the world would anyone jab at something that benefits all?

Moreover, health care is a paramount topic in the Californian community, especially when it comes to African-Americans. It’s absolutely no secret that African-Americans die earlier than whites, suffer in larger numbers from conditions like diabetes and heart disease and die twice as often from gun violence. When it comes to people’s lives being at stake, the people demand equality and as far as gun safety is concerned, Sanders has a mixed record, fully opting for it at the moment, but having opposed reforms in the past.

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