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Hillary Clinton’s Victory In Iowa Might Have Done Her More Harm Than Good


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The results of the Iowa caucuses are here, with Hillary Clinton barely triumphing over Bernie Sanders after taking 49.9% of the votes. Sanders won 49.6%. However, with such a marginally small difference, it’s perhaps more of an opinion than a fact that this victory truly belongs to Clinton. If anything, this result is a statistical tie. The very margin of victory was decided by six coin tosses, a valid method used in situations when the candidates are this close in votes.

In all honesty, even though Clinton did officially win, it can hardly be called a prestigious victory. What’s more, the news media will probably keep calling it a tie. Of course, you can argue that a win is a win, which is partially true, but for a presidential candidate and future president, such close wins are bad publicity. For the rest of her potential mandate, she’ll always be six coin tosses ahead of Sanders. Arguably, the real loser here is the Democratic party. Although the victory was officially theirs, they secured no prestige from the voters, something that the winning party desperately needs.

Furthermore, a crushing defeat in Iowa might have been enough to convince Al Gore or Michael Bloomberg or someone of that caliber to join the race, saving the party from the possibility of a socialist nominee or a flawed candidacy by Clinton. Now, unfortunately, Clinton’s party is stuck with their more-than-slim victory. Her best chance is to grind out some kind of victory in the months ahead, although by doing that, she will inevitably be antagonizing Sanders’ supporters, most of whom are young activists that Clinton will definitely need if she plans to win again eight months from now.

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