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Hillary Clinton Gives Strong Interview For CNN


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We are a realist bunch here at Democrat Café. We cannot ignore the fact that Bernie Sanders is not going to be the Democratic Party nominee at the 2016 General Election. This is something we have grown to accept. (http://www.democratcafe.com/bernie-has-already-won-even-if-he-doesnt-make-it-to-the-white-house/)

We have also started calling for unity within the Party, urging voters to support the person who is going to represent our party against Donald TrumpHillary Clinton.

This week, she gave an interview for CNN and we have to say, it was a strong one. She was not shying away from questions and she kept her composure. When it comes to Hillary, there is one thing you can always count on and that is her political prowess.

There were a few moments in the interview when it was obvious she was well aware that she is on CNN and that the viewers will respond better to somewhat more conservative or at least direct answers.

For example, when she was asked about the downed Egyptian plane which was presumed to have been the work of a terrorist group, she used very clear and harsh language that must have done terrifically with the more conservative viewers. For example, she was not afraid to use the term “hunt down” when talking about terrorists and she even called for intensified attacks on ISIS.

She also said that only America can provide smart and steady leadership that can defeat the terrorist threats. Of course, she mentioned our allies in this fight, giving pretty much the perfect answer to the question.

This is a great politician doing what she does best.

And at this point in the election process, we are feeling confident to have someone like that on our side. Clinton will not let Donald Trump get away with anything. She will attack him from every side and he will not know what is happening to him.

But, back to the interview.

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When asked about the perceived inability of the Obama administration to take care of ISIS, she did not fail to remind the viewers that it was the Obama administration that more or less neutralized Al-Qaeda. She also showed her knowledge of the big picture, talking about partners, intelligence efforts, and the need for European countries to get more involved.

She let everyone know that she understands what is going on in the world.

When asked about Trump’s “American weakness” tweet, she kept her composure and once again explained that Trump’s ridiculous calls for banning Muslims are only hurting U.S. interests in the fight against terrorism. She kept it very simple. The vast majority of Muslims around the world share the views of the American people on terrorism and terrorists. Antagonizing and alienating them will only hurt our fight against terror.

The next thing she was very clear about is that Donald Trump is not qualified to be the President of the United States. She listed his statement and positions, simply reminding people how dangerous Trump’s comments are. Clinton also mentioned that Trump is actually being used as a recruiting tool for terrorists, something that is very rarely mentioned.

When asked about Party unity and Sanders’ supporters, she voiced her confidence that everything is going to be alright and that Bernie is going to do the right thing and support her as the nominee. This is something we wrote about (http://www.democratcafe.com/why-the-democratic-party-needs-to-unite-at-once/) and Clinton only reassured us in our beliefs.

Her position was clear – she will welcome Sanders’ supporters and they will work together against this huge threat to American democracy that is Donald Trump.

Furthermore, she took the question about Trump’s personal campaign and turned it around to talk about her experience and her vision for the United States. It was a masterful politician move that did not even feel like a politician move. She topped it off by saying she will “go after” Trump on the divisive issues, further showing her strength.

All in all, we loved her interview. We really did. We have been in Camp Bernie for so long that we sort of forgot about Clinton’s skills and experience as a politician.

After this interview, we are more certain than ever before that Trump has no chances come November.


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