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Here’s Why NY Democrats Support Donald Trump


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It’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump is the worst choice for both Democrats and Republicans. His alienating and divisive rhetoric has already caused and will continue to cause more harm than good to his fellow Republicans in down-ballot races. Last time, Republicans tried their best to give Democrats a president of moderate popularity and it looks like the same is happening to Republicans now. The stakes are high in New York for both parties, the only difference being that Republicans currently have a pretty tight grip on the State Senate and a defeat could cost them some pretty valuable congressional seats that they attained earlier in the midterms.

State Senator Michael Gianaris, who is currently the chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, claims that they’re really looking forward to going against Trump, as they’re sure that he doesn’t stand a chance in New York, considering that his extremist views contradict the overall liberal opinion of the average New Yorker. Tying Republicans to Trump would be adequate payback for how New York Republicans previously tied Democrats to Bill de Blasio, whose liberality wasn’t really an object of appreciation in the rural areas of New York. The difference is that Trump is a major celebrity and a much bigger name than de Blasio, meaning he’s possibly much more toxic in certain swing districts. Progressive voters in New York, on the other hand, will show substantially more support for the Democratic party in an attempt to stop Trump, who’s made a habit out of insulting Latinos and Muslims on an almost weekly basis.

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Bill Lipton, New York State director of the Working Families Party, stated that Republican are, thanks to Trump, contradicting themselves by using race and immigration status to help solidify their support. He said that while the Republican strategy is somewhat frightening, he doubts that it’ll do any serious damage. In fact, he thinks that it might even inspire minorities such as blacks and Latinos (as well as progressive voters) to help the Democrats win. Staying true to their newfound tradition of denouncing Trump in recent months, a group of Democrats led by council speaker Melissa Mark-Vierito succeeded in staging a rally outside City Hall which was specifically targeted at Donald Trump, who she labeled as “disgusting, racist and a demagogue.”

And truly, even though Trump has enjoyed success across the U.S., his disapproval ratings are still sky-high, as a recent poll in Siena College has showed. His unfavorable rating is up to an incredible 71 percent, at least in New York. While Trump may have won over moderates in places such as New Hampshire and Nevada, his strategies absolutely fall short in a majorly liberal atmosphere such as the one in New York. The tension between Republicans is rising and becoming more apparent, as the GOP tries to rebuild by keeping a reasonable distance from Trump’s extremism. Republicans in NY have even been forced to embrace immigration reforms, lest they lose even more support.

Even Republicans claim that Trump is making things harder for everyone, particularly in New York. In an adequate metaphor, GOP consultant Evan Sigfried said that if they were running on a treadmill at a 45 percent incline, Trump just upped it to 80 percent. The State Senate, however, is the real Achilles’ heel here. Should Republicans lose the seat in Nassau county that was previously occupied by Dean Skelos, the Senate would count 32 members of the GOP conference and a total of 26 Democrats, in addition to the five members of a breakaway Democratic conference that ended up aligning themselves with the Republicans. This means that with Trump taking over the Republican Party, the Independent Democratic Conference would be under tremendous pressure to abandon the GOP. Some people such as Ed Cox, the chairman of the New York GOP, are still enthusiastic about Trump, though. Cox said in an interview that the billionaire would indeed gather adequate support across the state of New York and that Democrats shouldn’t get “too optimistic” just yet. However, considering New York’s political past and Donald Trump’s lack of subtlety in his campaign, we really doubt that anyone is being too optimistic here, except maybe Mr. Cox.

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