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Here’s Why Bernie Will Win The Nomination


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Despite the fact that the news media wants you to believe that Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a chance to win the Democratic nomination, the Vermont senator will ultimately triumph over Hillary Clinton. To begin with, anyone who doesn’t want Republican fore-runner Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States has to vote for Sanders. It’s not that Hilary is worse than Bernie, no. It’s just that Bernie has a better shot at defeating Trump than Clinton.

However, Sanders will not be the victor of the Democratic race just because America is terrified of the prospect of Trump leading the country. Bernie is also very popular among young voters, those that want things in America to change for the better. What’s more, he has won seven states in a row, which is definitely good news.

When you keep all of these facts in mind, you become aware that superdelegates and the people running the Democratic Party will eventually support Sanders. Actually, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is the same scenario we witnessed eight years ago. Namely, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2008, certain in her victory. Then, the strangest thing happened – superdelegates started siding with Barack Obama over Clinton. As a matter of fact, Clinton had twice as many delegates as Obama when superdelegates decided that Obama is a more suitable nominee. An Arizona Democratic official, who was quoted in The New York Times, said that Obama was a better choice because he was ‘bringing in new voters, young and old, into the process.’

Similarly, Bernie Sanders is the one who is now enjoying the support of young voters, first-time voters, and Independent voters. Moreover, he can defeat Trump in the general elections when the time comes. In fact, he can beat any Republican whereas Hillary would probably have a hard time triumphing over Trump. As for the numbers, Bernie defeats Trump by 16.5 points, compared to Clinton’s 10.5 points. Bernie beats Ted Cruz by 10.1 whereas the question remains if Hillary could defeat him.


It’s also important to note that Clinton’s poll numbers against Republican candidates were released before possible FBI and DOJ indictments, which is definitely something that cannot be overlooked. To put things into perspective, Pope Francis invited Sanders to Vatican whereas Clinton will soon be interviewed by the FBI. In addition, the common folk really love Bernie. They want to hear him speak, believe in his ideas and want to fund his campaign. He is the only leading candidate this year with positive favorability ratings. On the other hand, Clinton is viewed unfavorably by more than 15 points.

Superdelegates and Democratic Party officials are worried and with good reason. Even if Clinton somehow manages to escape the FBI indictment, the people’s reaction will be extremely negative. Whether she’s indicted or not, the media will tear her apart, which will undoubtedly hurt her general election poll numbers.

It goes without saying that superdelegates and influential members of the Democratic Party will support the candidate who is more powerful. Bernie is currently only about 2 points behind Hillary Clinton, which means that Sanders is quickly becoming the most pragmatic choice. Superdelegates won’t turn to Bernie too soon, mind you. They still fear Clinton, but they will not side with her forever. It’s clearer now than ever that Sanders will become Democratic nominee regardless of the delegate count.

In a nutshell, Hillary Clinton has become a major threat to both the superdelegates and the Democratic Party bosses. If Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, you can expect chaos to ensue within the Party. Of course, everyone will wait as long as they can, particularly until they have heard the FBI’s decision, to publicly support Sanders. You can rest assured that he will win the Democratic nomination, not just because he promises change but also because it’s in the best interest of the entire Democratic Party, especially its leaders.

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