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Here’s The Current Update On The Sanders Vs. Clinton Situation


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The ever-growing conflict between Clinton and Sanders has become more hostile recently, as the two battle over how progressive Clinton is.

In a recent debate, Clinton actually claimed that Sanders proclaimed himself the “gatekeeper” of the party’s progressive wing. She calls herself “a progressive who gets things done,” as opposed to Obama, Vice President Biden and Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

The Democratic party has had somewhat of a leftward swing in the past year, which has resulted in a massive support for Sanders and his political revolution by democratic socialists. Interestingly enough, this is in exact opposition to the shift that happened to the Democratic party in the middle of the 1990’s, orchestrated by Bill Clinton. The party went through moderation in light of its fifth campaign loss since 1968, which resulted in the control of Congress and an overall democratic dominance.

Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Sanders’ increase in political strength is presenting some pragmatic liberalism of her own, as well as suggesting that her plans are significantly more achievable due to the republican strength on Capitol Hill. For many Democrats, however, this isn’t a very satisfying response, as their goal is to finally seize on the campaign and pick a nominee that best reflects what the party currently represents, not what it represented twenty years ago.

And while Sanders has his work cut out for him compared to Clinton, the enthusiasm he’s accumulated among voters is virtually undeniable. He’s also been able to effortlessly raise ridiculous sums of money, which has ensured that his campaign will be more than able to endure in terms of finances.

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