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Hawaii – Only 5 Republican Bills to Senate!


1.Hawaii – Only 5 Republican Bills to Senate!
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When you are looking at the different bills that the House sent to Senate in Hawaii, there is one thing you will notice. Out of 400 bills that were sent to the Senate, only five of them were from Republicans. There are a few things to think about when you hear this news.

Why Is This Significant

One of the first things to understand is why this is so important. Simply put, it shows just how powerful the Democratic Party is in Hawaii. There are many great bills that are being brought to the Senate now, yet only a small fraction of that comes from Republicans. For instance, one of the bills that is in the senate right now would require strict labeling on genetically modified food. The same sex marriage bill is another important bill that has now recently passed the Senate in Hawaii. While there are many states in our country where the political leanings are difficult to determine, Hawaii has shown that it is an overwhelmingly Democratic state.

How This Happened

You may be asking yourself how a state managed to have so few Republican bills sent to the Senate. The truth is that it is due to the clearly Democratic government in this state. In fact, out of 51 members of the House of Representatives in this state only seven of them are Republicans, which leaves the remaining 44 as Democrats. The story is the same in the Senate as well. With 25 members only one of them is Republican.

What Happened With These Bills

Another thing to know has to do with the disposition of the bills that were sent to the Senate. All five of these bills were shut down right there. Not a single one of them made it any further. This goes to show that while in many parts of the nation the Republicans may have the upper hand and try to manipulate the government, this is certainly not a problem Hawaii has to worry about. The good thing about having a government that is almost unanimously Democratic is that it allows for progress, and keeps out the antics that have been seen on the national level over the last few years. There is no stalling because the government is like-minded and on the same page.

Of course, this does not imply that there is no room for Republicans. On the contrary, it is good to consider the other side, and think about certain issues from their perspective. However, not having to worry about being blocked by a Republican government is a wonderful thing. It is a breath of fresh air after watching the standoff at the national level that literally leads to a shutdown in the government.

What This Means for the Future of Hawaii

The future looks bright for many of the bills that are going through in Hawaii. With a Democratic House and Senate, things are getting accomplished at a much faster rate than some other states with a greater division are seeing. While there are still issues facing the state, in the first place the crippling unemployment rate, there are many things that people can look forward to. However, for the lone Republican and self-proclaimed army of one, Senator Sam Slom may find that defeating legislation he does not agree with is an uphill battle that he simply cannot win.

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