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Donald Trump Seems To Be Losing The GOP Again


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Here at Democrat Café, we’ve been mostly concerned with the Democratic primaries because that is the party we support. Also, the Republican primary was just nasty, and as such it gave birth to a somewhat ludicrous presumptive nominee in Donald Trump.

His battle against the GOP elites and powerhouses resembled that of Bernie Sanders, with one big difference – Trump actually became the presumptive nominee.

Over the course of the primary, Trump attacked the GOP, its establishment and especially its leaders, saying that they all conspired against him in a bid to get anyone but him proclaimed the nominee. And the best thing is that they didn’t even try to hide it. From start to finish, a very large number of Republican party bigwigs said they could never support Trump, his opinions, and his politics.

Once the Republican voters showed their support and once Trump won enough delegate votes to become the presumptive nominee, many of the more powerful Republicans started falling in line, voicing their support – from his primary rivals such as Chris Christie to Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House and, effectively the most powerful Republican in the country.

Even Trump started talking how the Republican National Committee is treating him fairly and how he is uniting the party against the Democratic Scourge or something insane like that.

Unfortunately for Trump, his team and anyone who believed the Republicans had a chance at the presidential election in November, Trump was soon back to his old self, alienating Republican elites and once again inspiring people to start talking about a possibility of the GOP putting up someone else as a nominee.

Last weekend, for instance, Mitt Romney, one of the last GOP elites still vocal about Trump’s inability to run for the office held a summit in Utah where he invited Republicans from both sides of the divide to hear what they think about their party’s presumptive nominee and how they should steer the party in the future.

Paul Ryan was put on the spot at the summit, asked repeatedly how he could support a nominee like that. Trump himself was compared to Mussolini and Hitler at that event, according to the Party sources .

The Orlando shooting was, however, the milestone moment in Trump’s career as a presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

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We are not saying this as Democrats, but as regular people with some tact – Donald Trump could not have handles himselg worse after the tragedy. It may feel insensitive to talk about this tragedy as a political stage for presidential nominees, but as potentially first people of this country, both Hillary Clinton and Trump had the obligation to say what they thought.

Trump first made a complete mess of it on Twitter, which is something we wrote about  here on the website. Later this week, he wrapped it all up with an official speech that made people scratch their heads, no matter their party affiliation.

His rant on this mythical ban on Muslims caused a number of Republicans to call Trump un-American and his insinuations that Obama might be involved in some kind of a conspiracy jut baffled people across the board.

Sure, there might be a few thousand right-wing extremists in some remote parts of our beautiful country who were exhilarated by the speech, but for the rest of us, it was just nonsense mixed with paranoia.

Jeff Greenfield writes on Politico about Dan Senor, a man who used to be a Romney adviser and a national security aide in Bush’s administration, saying that “there should be serious concern” about Trump receiving the classified information presidential nominees traditionally receive.

Remember, this is a member of the Republican Party.

Perhaps the scariest thing to happen to Trump as the presumptive nominee and the Republican Party as the party that will nominate such a person is that the favorability rating has dropped to historic lows for the party. According to Bloomberg, only 32 percent of Americans see the GOP favorably. According to pollsters, it has everything to do with Trump as the de-facto face of the party.

As far as we are concerned, we cannot believe that the Republican voters even voted for a person like Trump and we are only hoping they now see what a huge mistake they made. They should kiss this year’s election goodbye and concentrate on the 2020 election.

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