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Best 16 Reasons We Need Joe Biden In 2016


Supports Campaign Finance Reform
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No matter what you think now, with Obama’s days in the Oval Office winding down, it is time to look at the horizon to see what lies ahead. With that, we see Joe Biden as the obvious Democratic contender for the 2016 race. While Obama loyalist will likely stick with Biden, it is possible that even some “on the fence” Republicans will join the Biden camp for a number of reasons.

Biden is tough in areas Republicans generally support, such as fairness in elections and the death penalty, while sticking to the standard Democratic philosophy in the other areas he supports.

16. Supports Campaign Finance Reform

Biden has traditionally voted for campaign finance reform and is against the use of allowing gifting to candidates. He followed the issues regarding the Florida Bush election and other election issues in the past and believes that all aspects of an election must be fair and unbiased for voters and candidates. He further believes it is important to create an election which is not dependent upon financing alone, and that the candidates be given equal chances to debate the issues.

According to “On the Issues,” his non-political stance on the process of elections makes him an important candidate in 2016 because he will fight for equality among political candidates and ensure that races are fair to all parties. Biden feels the election arena should be absolutely fair to allow all candidates to have their say, and doesn’t believe candidates should win based on their social status.

He supports equality in all areas and takes his role in public office very seriously. Proponents of Joe Biden feel he is an honest and sincere candidate who wants to do right for his country and constituents, and that he is generally trustworthy during and after the political process.

It is important that we have a candidate such as Joe Biden in the White House due to the problems the country has experienced in past elections in various areas of the country, so that we can know that the election procedure is one of integrity and honesty, and that the results will be based on the Democratic process our country believes in and stands for.

Without this, we cannot rely on results of any election if there are not strict laws on how elections are to be handled and the whole electoral process begins to break down. This is an important issue, but one which has sometimes been taken for granted in the past.

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