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Bernie Makes Us Feel Optimistic Once Again


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In case you have been following our blog over the course of the Democratic primary process, you may have noticed that Democrat Cafe has been pro-Sanders most of the time.

And we do not apologize for that.

We honestly believe that the vast majority of things that he stands for are necessary in order for this country to rise from the mud and the mire of the lobbyist culture, cronyism at every level of government, and servitude to the needs of the richest.

While it seemed Bernie had a chance against Hillary Clinton, we were rooting for him wholeheartedly. Like many Democratic Party voters, we saw someone who might change the party and truly bring progress to the country.

To be perfectly honest, we were also among those people who realized his campaign for the nomination was not going to succeed and since then, we have been calling out for unity within the party (http://www.democratcafe.com/why-the-democratic-party-needs-to-unite-at-once/), all in the hopes of vanquishingDonald Trump and reducing him to what he is, a brash, terrifying anomaly in the world of politics.

Since the Democratic primary race ended, we have turned our eyes to the presidential race and what the Democratic Party can do to win and keep Trump out of the White House. We called for Bernie to sort of stand down, lend his support to Clinton, and keep working on his causes more demurely, so to say.

Well, yesterday in New York, Bernie Sanders reminded us of a few things that we kind of forgot about.

For one, he reminded us again that his campaign was more than successful. Whereas most people believed he would not be able to stand against the more “mainstream” politicians from the Democratic Party, he motivated the masses, got them in the voting booths, and still has them as supporters.

Of course, this translated naturally into talks about his wishes for the Democratic Platform which will be discussed at the Democratic National Convention next month. This is the main reason why he still hasn’t officially given up and why he is still touring the country, giving speeches, and electrifying his supporters.

The nomination is one thing, but the Democratic Platform is something that will remain and he wants to add a few things to the agenda. He talked about the ban on the sale of assault weapons, the end of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, and a number of other progressive points.

As he pointed out himself:

“The platform that will come out of the Democratic convention will be by far the most progressive platform in the history.”

In addition to this very concrete and almost deal-making part of the speech, Bernie was also adamant about the importance of the revolution his campaign started. He stressed over and over again that the United States cannot truly prosper while such inequality exists and while both major parties support it.

He attacked the political establishment for purposefully making it difficult for regular people to get involved while praising the volunteers from his campaign who showed that things like that will not fly in the future. It goes without saying that he took a swing at the superdelegates, something we have supported forever (the attack, not the concept of the superdelegates).

And to tell you the truth, we enjoyed the speech. We enjoyed all 80 or so minutes of it. We enjoyed it because it once again reminded us why we got this involved with the Democratic primary process this year. It was because someone important was finally saying all these things and because millions of people took notice.

These days, when we see mega-politician Hillary Clinton make all the right moves and say all the right things on her way to get elected against an oaf like Trump, it feels nice to be reminded that a man like Sanders was getting millions of votes just a few weeks ago.

It makes us feel optimistic about our party again.

We have a feeling his movement will go on even he becomes irrelevant. There are too many people seeking something that is only human.