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Bernie Has Already Won Even If He Doesn’t Make It To The White House


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Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders won West Virginia. He won it confidently, winning almost double the number of delegates that Hillary Clinton did. Reason for celebration, right? Well, not so much.

Sure, Bernie did win and it brings him a few delegates closer to Clinton. Unfortunately, the way things are looking, there are far too few primaries left for him to make up for lost ground. Unless something truly spectacular happens, Bernie is going to lose this Democratic Party nomination race and Clinton is going to be running against Donald Trump.

We have to admit that we are not the biggest fans of this outcome for a number of reasons. The first of these is that we believe Sanders would be a better candidate to pit against someone as erratic and as outrageous as Trump. He would remind people that just because someone is an outsider, they do not have to be rude, obnoxious and outright nasty.

In addition to this, we have to say that we really bought into his whole thing. We still like to keep something of an objective distance, but in the end, we have to admit it – Bernie won us over.

The main reason why this happened is that Bernie made us believe that the status quo in American politics can change and that it is possible to actually bring true, core improvements to the way this country lives and breathes.

Above everything else, the idea that lobbyists and big money could one day get out of American politics makes us happy. Not momentarily happy. It makes us genuinely, deeply happy. We honestly believe that while lobbyists have such an immense hold on our politicians, there can never be any true slowing down of the ever-expanding inequality that will one day bring this country to its knees. We are not saying that we should become a communist country, but the current way things are being done is simply not humane.

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The idea that one day politicians are not going to take money from people who give them money with a clear agenda in mind is one that has brought so many people over to Bernie’s side. It is an idea that could really one day make the government more than just a self-perpetuating money-circulating machine that cares as much about the general public as does a guy who downs a bottle of bourbon and gets into his truck.

Of course, another idea of Bernie’s that has captivated the minds of the American public is his animosity towards Wall Street and all the shady stuff that goes on there. Once again, we are not against the institution of investing money into companies and helping them grow. It is part of the American way of lie. We simply agree that Wall Street has grown into this cancerous mass that keeps expanding and poisoning the healthy tissue of the American economy.

There has to be a way to make these petulant children ease off a bit. There has to be a way to make sure that regular, hard-working people do not lose their homes and their jobs because a few jerks in $5,000 suits made a wrong bet one day.

Bernie has been a staunch proponent of this and that is another reason why people love him.

There is also the idea of free college education, something that works perfectly well in many countries around the world that are far worse off than the United States. Top notch education should not be the privilege of the rich. Education is not a commodity. It is not just another branch of business. The sooner we really understand this and make the necessary paradigm shift in our minds, the better we will be off.

The better off this country will be.

And the person that is making us consider all these changes has been Bernie Sanders. While everyone was busy predicting his inevitable crashing and burning, he kept telling people the truth and making them reconsider some deeply rooted preconceptions about American politics and our way of life in general.

Because of his success in this respect, it does not matter if he actually wins the nomination. He planted the seeds that some other candidate will take care of in the future.

Bernie’s journey has only begun and the funniest thing is that he probably will not be the candidate to reach the destination. Someone else will.


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