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14 Best Candidates to Replace Clinton in 2016


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While the 2016 presidential election is about a year and a half away, it is time to start thinking about who the next Democratic nominee will be. While it is now certain that Hillary Clinton will run in 2016, you never know what will happen in the days to come.

Also, there will be at least two nominees to choose from in the Democratic primary election. Whether you are a fan of Hillary Clinton or not, it is important to know who the other possible candidates are.

There are a number of different contenders out there, many of which have not even expressed any interest in running. However, it is not uncommon for candidates to decide to run about a year before the election. Knowing who may run will give you the chance to take a look at their platform so you can find who the best candidate will be for the job.

Take the time to look at each of these candidates. Each of them has their own distinct platforms and qualifications that make them ideal to run our country in the direction we want it to go. Though these candidates have not all formally announced their candidacy, they would all make ideal presidents to help us create a better future.

14. Howard Dean

He is the former governor of Vermont and he has not been shy about telling people he wants to run for president in 2016. He first ran for president back in 2004 but did not win the primary election. He had the backing of Al Gore who was a senator at the time, which Dean thought would help him win.

In fact it ended up being quite an embarrassing experience for the governor when he screamed into a microphone after finding out he came in third in the primary elections in Iowa, according to CBS News.

He founded the organization Democracy in America, which is designed to lobby for issues that people need. This includes aspects such as marriage equality, better access to health care and many other important issues. While he stands firm on good issues, such as labor activism and health care, he may have issues finding the right support.

When he ran over a decade ago, his main supporters were young people who were unable to vote. By the time the next election comes around though these voters will be in their late 20’s and early 30’s and should be registered.

The real issue that may impact him in the election is that he has not been in an elected position for over 13 years. This means that he may not have the same political pull or backers that he had when he ran the last time.
After the issue he had after losing in 2004 though, there may have been enough time for people to forget.

CNN Politics spoke of him saying that “he is well liked and respected by liberals – hence his appearance at this week’s conference, but is still viewed with a wary eye by many in the Democratic establishment because of his outspoken nature and frequent refusal to march in lockstep with national party leaders.”

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