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12 Longest Serving Democrats In The House


John Dingell
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Six of the seven longest serving members of the United States House of Representatives are Democrats including the top three. Nine of these Democrats have held office for 20 years or longer. John Dingell has been in office almost 59 and John Conyers, a member of the House Judiciary Committee has been in office for 49 years.

The 12 longest serving democrats in the House and a few notable aspects of their careers are:

12. John Dingell

Not only does he have more consecutive days serving than any other active member in the U.S. House of Representatives, he has more than anyone in history. He is known for being extremely hard-lined in his approach to politics. As the Energy and Commerce Chairmen he forced numerous Environmental Protection Agency resignations and jailed a large number of corrupt Food and Drug Administration officials.

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