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11 Reasons Why Democrats Will Be In Trouble Without Hillary Clinton in 2016


Joe Biden
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Even with her extensive political background and her previous interest in being chosen as the Democratic nominee for the presidency, Hillary Clinton has not confirmed that she plans to run for president during the 2016 election. Without Hillary in the running, her party is going to face some dismal prospects.

While there are some promising potential candidates, almost all of them have one, or more, issues that make them weaker choices for the presidency. Many of these issues center around the fact that other Democrats simply do not have the experience or name recognition that Hillary Clinton enjoys.

11. Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s political career began in 1970 when he was elected to the New Castle County council, the local government body in his county of residence in Delaware. Two years later, in 1972, he became the sixth-youngest member of the senate when he was elected to represent his state in Washington.

Eventually, Biden was reelected six times, making him fourth in line in terms of seniority at the time of his resignation in 2009. In both 2008 and 2012, Biden tried, unsuccessfully, to earn a Democratic nomination for the presidency.

Currently, since he has held the post of Vice President for over six years, (almost) everyone knows who Joe Biden is. However, he simply does not instill the same sense of confidence among the Democrats as Hillary Clinton does.

For example, in a recent Pew poll released in 2010, only 59% of those people who were asked about the Vice President in an open-ended questionnaire could readily identify Biden as such. The article does point out, however, that at the time of the poll, Biden had been in office as Vice President for only 18 months.

Not only that, many feel that he is simply riding on the Obama train of recognition and is largely viewed as being ineffective. For example, a former US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates stated in his memoir, “Duty,” that Biden was incorrect in nearly every foreign policy he backed.

Biden pointed out that he considers Gates to be likeable enough; however, the two men have disagreed on matters of foreign policy from the Vietnam era and onwards until the present time period. While many people seemed surprised at how Gates attacked Biden, the Vice President instead chose to focus on the fact that Gates wrote that Biden was a man with integrity.

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